Time management skills promote productivity Essay

Improper time management has become one of the vital reasons as to why online doctoral students do not achieve their targets. Whether there is no sufficient schedule to manage time or there are other numerous activities besides studies, the most critical point of consideration should be having a clear plan of activities to fit time frames or to program time to suit particular activities. In addition, when there are sufficient skills for time management, there will be less association with timeout pressure concerning deadlines and less stress in life in general.
Time management skills promote productivity, reduce more chances for procrastinating tasks, and, in turn, reduce anxiety and nervousness amongst others. There are no specific ways of managing time as it keeps on varying from one person to another. Hence, it is advisable that before one settles down for a specific guideline, it is advisable that a person works on numerous alternatives to achieve the best.

Factors to Consider for Success in DBA Program

In order to become a successful online student, a number of considerations and planning must be put in place and consider that a person has to allocate some time for his family, and leisure.

DBA program is an online learning program that is totally different from traditional classrooms where students meet with their tutor for physical class interactions. Apparently, lack of class meeting, gives a student freedom to make his or her own decision on whether to participate or not. This makes a provision of flexibility, but restricts him or her to set aside time for personal studies. Unlike in a traditional class, most of the teaching is done through online moderation and notes are dispatched through websites. It is advised that the students should take their time to access and read these notes.
In addition, a student should successfully go through technical orientation as a full orientation that exposes a student to technical use of the system. This enables the students to gain competency and skills of going through the software before the course actually commences. In turn, this minimizes the time that could have been spent in learning how to maneuver through the system during the course of training. Of importance to note is that, having a competency in the system enables the student to concentrate entirely on studies.
Understanding the course outline and accessing course outline before the semester begins enable the student to get familiarized with the topics to be covered during that session (Rogers, 2009). Also, it is good to understand that most of the sites share similarities in the outline but the topic vary from one unit to the other. Students are expected to read and understand the syllabus and the concepts of what they are about to study. This enables them to depict the prediction of their expectations.
Management and keeping up to date with time enables an individual to prioritize on course work (Allen, 2005). This should be followed by logging into the system at some specific hours at least every day. It is advisable to make a choice of such time when the mind is fresh as it enables defined study structure, and motivates towards achievement of goals.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Online education is considered convenient in the sense that, it can be effectively moderated beyond geographical boundaries (Inoue, 2007). Students do not have to attend lecture session as in traditional classes but can attend to a virtual class at definite location. It also offers new possibilities for learning with regard to presentation of information. However, it is limited to technological accessibility (Rogers, 2009).

Affordable in terms of cost, a student can attend a class session without incorporation of travel expenses (Bourne, 2003). Besides, it allows the student to work while still studying, over and above, allowing for technological expansion. Since most of the studies are done through the use of computers, students have the experience of additional exploration of all the technological issues, which relates to their studies even if they are not part of their course (Wegerif, 2007). However, they may be forced to learn additional skills of having to maintain the computers in case they encounter technical faults in the course of study. Since there is no physical interaction with the tutors, students do not feel the verbal touch of addressing their problems. The question of effectives still remains an obstacle in this case since the instructor cannot determine the memory concept of the student as compared to learning in a traditional class (Rogers, 2009).

Strategies for Online DBA Learners

To succeed in online education, a student must ensure that he or she understands how to avoid improper time management to have upkeep with his schedule (Wong, 2011). Besides, the student should be self motivated and must have the thought to accept the use of artificial intelligence (Bourne, 2003). Just like in any other course, there should be on allocation of at least fifteen hours a week of study in order to excel.


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