Everything in Time Management Essay

The information on this presentation is insightful to students and people from other lifestyles. Goal setting and prioritization is a key element in life and this presentation explains them in a way that is easy to understand and put into practice. The way in which this presentation discusses the different levels of goals – personal, academic, social, professional – clarifies the boundaries that exist between these different goals. Often, people confuse one level of goal for another and end up disappointed because the point at which they land is not their initially intended destination. The presentation’s ideas on motivation are impressive. The knowledge of internal and external motivation can help people know how to control the impacts of undesirable sources of motivation (Adams 24). This knowledge is important to people especially students because of the negative effects of peer pressure.

The anecdote of brick walls is suitable in the discourse of prioritization, adjustment, and redirection of an individual’s attention and energy. The presentation’s exposition on time management has valuable information. The six components of time management are workable and individuals can cultivate and master them without difficulty. I think the idea of self-assessment can be instrumental to an individual when taking stock of the areas in which they have been wasting their time and conceptualize ways of closing those loopholes. It is intriguing to know that there exists hidden time. This is the last thing that could have occurred to me and it is an idea that can be investigated further (Adams 24).

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