As of 2020, 73% of students claim that they’ve been subjected to bullying in their lifetime, whereas 44% have faced it in the last 30 days. However, while people seem to have always found it strangely comforting to put others down, the problem grew bigger with the emergence of social media.
In a nutshell, cyberbullying or cyberharassment is the same bullying, but it occurs in the digital environment. This includes bullying through social media, messages, forums, and other channels and it has become one of the most acute problems of the 21st century.
Cyberbullying is an unfading subject. Since the topic is so prevalent in modern society, essays on cyberbullying give students plenty of space for creativity.
Cyberbullying essays are engaging for both readers and authors. Writing essays on Cyberbullying is an opportunity to speak out on things that really matter and spread awareness about this rising issue.
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