Martin Luther King Jr. was a man whose message to the world is still as important as ever, even more than 50 years after his death. Coming from a family of Christian ministers, he became the face of the civil rights movement from 1955 till he was assassinated in 1968. His methods of nonviolent protests and civil disobedience made him one of the most influential activists of the 20th Century.
In today’s world of mass protests, many with clashes between opposing groups and police, essays on Martin Luther King are both vital as well as topical. His views on religion, morality, nonviolence, rights, and overall philosophy can be analyzed in many thought-provoking ways.
Much has been written about Dr.King, and down below you’ll find a collection of diverse Martin Luther King essays in essay samples for you to learn from. Use them as a resource, analyze the structure, and get inspiration.