Restoring the American Dream Essay

The American dream is always familiar to all the people, but each individual views it differently from the other. It is always different for every person, but there are some aspects that are common to all. The American dream is dependent majorly on the setting of the place where individuals live and their social status too. In an example, Thomas Jefferson made the independence declaration and he was an upper-class citizen in America (Horswell 34). Jefferson was after freedom, but the kind of freedom that he was after was for people like him not for every person in the society. Activists like Martin Luther King also called for freedom that was more directed at the black Americans but not the whole America population. The variations listed shows that the dream is somehow different to the people (Kelly 20).

Although the American dream is unique and it means different to various individuals, achieving it is completely a hard and demanding task. One of the challenges that make achieving the dream hard is the fact that the opportunities that exist in the country are hidden and they require a combination of knowledge and wisdom to access. Like in an example, there are limited job opportunities that call for high qualifications while majority of the individuals do not meet the requirements (Horswell 43) Again, most of the Americans still have a strong believe that their problems’ solution lies in the hands of the government and that big businesses will boost their economic growth without personal efforts, thus making it hard to achieve the American dream (Kochan 63). Finally, the American dream tries to inspire hopes and optimism to the American people that are not accompanied by the appropriate resource to achieve. The result of this is that most of the people come up with big dreams forgetting the fact that, to meet these dreams, there are infrastructure needed, resource mobilization and improvement that needs to be put into place. To achieve the improvements, people need to be engaged in well-paying jobs, have quality education and work hard which is not the case in the country (Kelly 21).

Solutions Restoring the American Dream

There are several different issues that require to be handled so that the American dream is restored and the reasons to which it was made for are met.

Engaging and promoting small business and entrepreneurship

The small business ventures are the spine of the economy of the U.S because it provides employment for tens of millions of the Americans. The businesses create most of the jobs that people in the U.S are engaged in. It, therefore, gets important for the government to come up with an adequate way of financing and giving credit to the small business to spur manufacturing and the expansion of the businesses (Ringer 80).

Tax Relief for the Economy Growth and Creation of Jobs

The nature of taxes that are imposed upon the Americans tends to reduce their freedom. To revive the American dream, the government and the related institutions need to come up with a tax system that is simple, flatter, transparent and fair. Reforming the existing system will promote simplicity and coherence, savings and modernization, distinguish the burdens on families with children and increase the American competitiveness. The government has also proposed to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax relief referred to as Bush tax cuts to prevent tax rates from increasing on income, dividends, interest and capital gains (Rowland and Jones 47).

American Competitiveness in a Global Economy

Business in America is faced with the world’s maximum business tax rates. The result is the reduction of the level of competitiveness leading to lowering of U.S wages and an increase in tax revenues. To handle the problem, the government ought to spur the process of creating jobs in America so that the corporate rate of competitiveness is reduced internationally (Ringer 57).


To conclude, the American dream is all about both choices in the consumer industry and the vast freedom of choice that they experience. These form the basic principles that the American people demand in everything that they engage in. In different ways, the American dream has over time grown to show additional information on the consumer industry. The American dream symbolizes strong American state as a whole.

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