Legalization of Marijuana in Arizona Essay

The legalization of drugs is the most discussed topic among the masses and state’s representatives, as two States of United States, Washington and Colorado have legalized Marijuana. The question arises that either legalization of Marijuana would be a good move for Arizona State or not. Statistics portray that 17 millions of Americans use marijuana which is a phenomenal figure. Legalization of Marijuana in Arizona would be beneficial for the state as there would be tremendous increase in states revenues. There is an enormous amount of marijuana users in Arizona. Currently taxation on Alcohol and Cigarettes has been beneficial for the federal government. Solely $9 billion are gained annually through excise tax on alcohol and $25 billion through cigarettes. States collect approximately $5.5 billion through alcohol taxes. There are certain shortcomings in the system due to which legitimate amount is still not collected. Collection of the exact amount of money through taxes on alcohol and cigarettes would gather billions of dollars. Strong legislation and adequate measures for the collection of tax on marijuana will definitely help Arizona to accumulate billions of dollars. Legalization of marijuana should be done in such a manner that high taxes are applied on it. There is not much abundant supply of marijuana in the country and it has been sold in the grey market at a high price. Eventually legalization of marijuana and quotation of high prices would basically discourage people to spend money on it. At the same; tax collection through it would be advantageous. The legalization of marijuana would promote its usage in the country but due to high prices, people would not be able to purchase it which would be ultimately positive. Most of the users of Marijuana are teenagers, high prices would change their purchase behaviours and sales reduction would be seen. Legalization of marijuana would also enable State to keep record of demand and supply, which is fundamental for economics and finance division of Arizona. The sale and purchase mechanism of marijuana is still prevalent beneath the table and it involves drug dealers, criminals and mob gangs. Due to legalization, these unlawful business operators would get out of their hubs for business. Their presence in the market would basically escort police officials to find the culprits of smuggling and illegal trade. By catching these individuals, economy of the country and state would rise as grey market and smuggling has destroyed nation’s economy. The healthcare cost would eventually increase. Statistics report that alcohol and cigarette smokers spend massive amount of money on healthcare. The system of economic life cycle has built health insurance business and healthcare centres too, so eventually marijuana will be another beneficial addition to the system. Healthcare insurance and Health centres will be increased in the state. The increase in marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes cases would enhance employment opportunities in hospitals too. Legalization of marijuana will bring some unwanted circumstances in the state excessively, but the above stated conducts can help Arizona’s government to make its economy strong. Marijuana sale on high price will actually bring people to leave this drug.

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