A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner Essay

Journal One

A Rose for Emily is a story that was written by William Faulkner. The story is based in the death of Emily, a wealthy and a respected woman within the society. The narrator explains reasons that took different people to Emily funeral for instance; women attended her funeral so that they could see her house, while men attended the funeral due to the tremendous respect they had for her. From a personal analysis, this is an interesting, but rather a sad story. It focuses on the sad demise of Emily, respected person in the society. Its sadness is also emphasized by the fact that it narrates the social challenges that were faced by Emily in her life and how she suffered from sickness for a long time before she died.

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Journal Two

Everyday use is a narrative that was composed by Alice Walker. The narrator talks of his/her expectations of how he/she and Maggie sister will spend their time in the clean yard. The story goes on focus on the emotional and psychological challenges that Maggie might face when her sister visits them; this is due to the fact that she feels less confident due to the nature of her skin that is characterized by scars. Another challenge that might affect Maggie when her sister visits is the fact that she might feel jealous owing to the fact that her Sister, who has been successful and is prettier will receive a positive reception from their parents. This is an interesting story. It focuses in normal social aspects that occur in families where one child appears to be the parent favorite.

Journal Three

The story, A Good Man is Hard to Find, narrates the social life of an old lady living with his grandson, Bailey. The story focuses on how she interacts with her grandson and how this relationship has affected their Bailey relationship with other members of the society. I believe that this story narrates real life scenarios of children raised under the care of their grandmothers. It is an interesting story as it entails use of direct quotations and vivid description of some issues hence facilitating its clarity.

Journal Four

“How to Watch your Brother Die”, is a poem that was composed by Michael Russell; it narrates a scenario of how to handle cases of grief. This information is specifically passes by giving examples of sad scenarios and how one should react to the. This is a sad poem; however from my analysis, I believe that it contains crucial information on how to handle sad situations within the society.

Journal Five

What Lips, my Lips have Kissed and, where and Why is a sonnet that was performed in St. Vincent Millay between 1892 and 1950. The poem narrates a love scenario of a person that attempts to describe his surrounding environment in a romantic dimension. I find this poem interesting love poem; it vividly describes the nature of environment and the manner through, which the persona is filled with emotions of love.

Journal Six

The New Colossus is a Greek poem; it describes various facets of nature such as air and sun and how they make life comfortable along the shores. I find this poem quite challenging to comprehend however, it is a short and interesting poem that focus on description of nature through rhetorical perspectives.