The Syrian Civil War Essay

The Syrian Civil War began unofficially in March 2011 when the public began protests against the Assad regime with Bashar al-Assad as the President. It was officially declared as civil war by the International Red Cross at the end of 2012. The government is receiving support from Russia while the protestors, known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have the support of US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Iran (CBC, 2014).

The war has led to hundred thousands of causalities in such a short time period. Refugees camps have sprung up around the boundaries of Syria and these refugees have been exposed to the worst conditions. The economy of the country is severely impacted as it is facing international isolation.

Despite the strong ramifications of the war, both sides are adamant in their position and argue that their position is the right one. The FSA argues that it has a right to a democratic government. The government has not been elected by the people. Moreover, the government has been unable to provide the people with the promised economic and political improvement. The root cause of the uprising is unemployment, dictatorship, and corruption. The FSA point out that the government has been violent in the way that it has tried to curb the uprising. The millions of people who had died are mainly the innocent public.

The Assad regime, on the other hand, argues that civil war is not the solution. The FSA has taken up a violent stance in the entire situation. The regime argues that the entire situation could have been approached in a more politically correct manner. The regime has no other option but to strike back. The government has not treated innocent people harshly. It is only the insurgents who had been punished and the government has to take a strong stance against civil war.

In the personal-social context, the actions of the FSA can be looked from two perspectives. The actions of the FSA are wrong when considered to be taken for individual advantage but FSA is aiming for the improvement of the society. Even the government argues that it is not attacking FSA for personal reasons but to bring about peace in the region. The government here has a privilege over the people because it has power but then again it is also at a disadvantage because it has been criticized for misusing its power. The privilege of power comes with a disadvantage of becoming unpopular.


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