Should the use of marijuana be legalized? Essay

The debate on the legalization of Cannabis, frequently known as marijuana, has been one of the majority controversial subjects in the United States. The judgments on Marijuana throughout the 70’s were much more perfect than it is now. The support of Marijuana by 27 states, new therapeutic studies, and its results show that it is an illegal drug in the world. Therefore, the United States of America is planning to reorganize its legalization in the matter. “The discussion concerning the legalisation of drugs, mainly the soft drugs resembling cannabis (or marijuana) is able to be categorized as one which depths the perception of liberty of the individual in opposition to the idea of a paternalistic situation. Supporter of legalisation argues, between other things, that cannabis is least harmful than legal stuffs like alcohol and tobacco” (Debate: Legalisation of Marijuana par. 1). According to this debate I feel the drug should be legalized due to the good reasons of them,but as considering the parenting issues, they need to be kept within certain limits and the usage should be prohibited within the certain age. In simple terms, the fundamental debate on marijuana in the US is, should marijuana be banned to citizens supported on health possessions, medicinal principles, and expenses to the country. The reason for the argument is so significant and vast. As before stated, marijuana is a commonly used prohibited drug in the world, with millions of citizens using it. Approximately 100 million in the country have used it and so any legislation concerning the drug guilty influence its citizens. That the explanation behind the prohibition of this drug is being rethought systematically, collectively, and economically.

Marijuana comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Its detection in 2700 BC in China. The case is not regarding Marijuana being healthy or highly qualitative for anyone. A few terms presented in the debate should to be understood. Marijuana is shaped when the leaves and female flowers of the plant called hemp is dried out. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main intoxicant of marijuana, and the THC from Marijuana with brain receptors can cause a kind of drowsiness, increased appetite, dizziness, hallucination, as well as other feelings.

Topical Issues in the Dispute over Marijuana Legalization:

Whether it has medical value?

Is Marijuana injurious enough to stay illegal?

How does it contrast with other lawful illicit substances

What is Marijuana’s consequence on our country and how would legalization alter this?

Of the four issues connected to the marijuana legalization, marijuana and its medicinal use may be the most extensively conversed of them all. Opponents of medical marijuana carry up many important debates as to why it must not be overlooked. The American Medical Association in 2001 confirmed that Marijuana must remain a timetable 1 drug, based on basic conclusion that it has “no conventional medical use” and own a “high possibility for mistreatment”. The FDA has an explicit process, in which the combined medical and scientific society carry out certain procedures to decide whether drugs can be measured safe and successful as medicine, and marijuana is not accepted by this process. The government also maintains that marijuana users are by all means trying to use “the medical angle” as a strategy to get the drug legalized.

Medical Benefits:

“The American Medical Association mainly argued for legalisation of this drug according to them it was least harmful when compared with alcohol and cigarettes; they also say that it can be used as other counter medicines, they also states that the Marijuana, in its original variety, is one of the good therapeutically dynamic stuff known to man. By any evaluation of rational analysis marijuana can be securely used within a managed routine of medical care. For marijuana to be unlawful in the United States when alcohol poisoning is a chief cause of decease in the nation and roughly 400,000 early deaths are recognized to cigarettes annually” (Legalizing Marijuana). The personal opinion I do feel as the drug being a useful one why not it is legalized.The chain Smoking of marijuana will cause no serious affect, just it acts as sedation and put someone to sleep, while consumption of extreme amounts of alcohol will severely affect liver and spleen. Opponents also rationalize marijuana’s ban with the verdict that if the FDA does not support it, it should be too hazardous to use. They also highlight in detail what they think of Marinol. They think that “the active ingredient in MARINOL® (dronabinol) Capsules is synthetic delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC). Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is also a naturally occurring component of Cannabis sativa L. (Marijuana)” (Marinol par. 2). A synthetic type of THC can be considered as an alternative to marijuana and make the whole plant avoidable.

Some studies have that smoking 5 packs of Marijuana a week is equivalent to the smoking a packet of cigarettes. “Proponents of medical marijuana disagree that it can be a harmless and efficient treatment for the indication of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other circumstances. They cite dozens of peer-reviewed studies, famous medical organization, major government news, and the use of marijuana as medicine all over world” (Should Marijuana be a Medical Option? par. 2). As the world medical association is agreeing for the legalisation of the drug, and by considering the positive effects of them it should be legalized those who one opposed to marijuana legalization consider that it is injurious to the users, and as a result it should remain illegal. They also state that marijuana contains up to 25% of THC these days, contrast to a miniscule 3% in the 1960s. This gives a vivid image of the intoxicity present. It has been systematically proven that THC is amassing in body fat. So a few consider that it is probable that usual smokers could have sufficient store of it in their organism as sedatives. There was an experiment carried out Dr. Robert Heath on monkeys that exposed THC in marijuana cause severe brain smash up. Opponents also argue that long-term use has revealed alterations in the brain, parallel to what is witnessed from drugs. The change in the nervous system and the threat of cardiac arrest also multiplies while smoking this stuff. Prohibitionists challenge that smokers are at risk to respiratory disease, enlarged phlegm production, chest infections, lung infections and tumor of the head and neck. These prohibitionists also argue that marijuana smolder have 50-70 percent extra carcinogens than tobacco smokers, making it probably more damaging than cigarettes.

Government Could Impose Heavy Taxation on It:

The Marijuana Tax Act, which approved in 1937, unexpectedly happened immediately as the decoricator machine was made-up. With this development, hemp plants have been capable to take over challenging industries almost instantly. “Without any original laws or any alterations in present law, ministers can move this huge marketplace out of the black market and into lawful businesses making thousands of new jobs” (A Clear Plan for the Regulation of Cannabis in Britain par. 3). There are high profits being made on this product during the trade of the same. The high taxes are been imposed by the government in using these, and the huge amount of the taxes are collected yearly. “The unlawful introduction of drugs into the United States is a multi-billion dollar a year business, all of the income going to criminal, killers, and risky organizations” (The Economic Benefits of a Legal, Regulated Marijuana Industry par. 1). The use of the drug is much useful while considering the profit partmthis can contribute much for the growth of the GDP, so the product should be legalized.

The various reports presents picture of the taxes, “at present, U.S. marijuana customers pay at least $10 per gram trade for unlawful marijuana” (Easton par. 4). There are persons ready to pay for the product, but the above discussions give a clear picture of them to be legalized. One of the mainly unnoticed subjects in the legalization debate is the influence of Marijuana ban to our country. The opponents of legalization substantiate the costs of prevention with the main tip that our society would be unconstructively affected if lawful. Firstly, they experience that if legally recognized the hazard of Marijuana will be misapprehend by the public and would eventually enlarge the potential for abuse. They are also influenced that we would see an offense rate rise on a nation-wide level if Marijuana was no longer forbidden and was permissible to the public. Prohibitionists also claim that a drug market would motionless survive for miners, and that decriminalization would raise the practice of the drug. In regard to Marijuana and its medicinal value, proponents of legalization think that Marijuana congregate the FDA criterion as a matter in which the benefits compensate its risk. This is measured to be a conducting principle when the FDA makes a choice towards accepting a substance for medicinal use.

The various US government lessons have revealed that Marijuana may have therapeutic worth. The most existing of these was one million dollar schoolwork by the Institute of Medicine. Many claims that Marinol, eliminate the requirement for Marijuana to be considered as medicine, but it has been revealed that it is not efficient as smoking. “In addition, there are other chemicals in Marijuana that assist patients in ways that Marinol cannot. Another trouble with Marinol is that takes pretty a long time to begin functioning, costs more than Marijuana, and leaves the patient inebriated for long hours (about 8-12 hours). Marinol is injected as pills and it can restrain nausea and vomiting, there are other counter productives identified in this issue.” (Arrested in Austin for Marijuana?). The product being a good one in the curing of patients there is no issue in legalizing the same, so they should be legalized.

Liberty of People:

“The primary and most fundamental cause that marijuana should be lawful is that there is no superior reason for them not to be a legal one. A few people ask 'why the stuff marijuana is legalized” (Why Marijuana Should Be Legal par. 2). As per the discussion there is no reason for making them unlawful, so i truly believe them to be legalized. The government just has a right to frontier that option if the individual's measures imperil somebody else. This does not relate to marijuana, since the character that chooses to use marijuana does so according to peoples wish.

Discussion and Conclusion:

Proponents and economists both reason that our financial system could profit from legalization (regulation), and generally use Holland as a case. Holland earns 67.5 million a day from Marijuana, most of which is nearby grown, also providing hemp crop that drive revenue into their economy. Proponents also say that Marijuana prevention is a trouble not only to economy, but also to the society.

To sum up this whole debate, the fundamental views of either the proponents and opponents of the issues linking the legalization of Marijuana must be regurgitated. Opponents of the primary issue, based on whether does Marijuana has medicinal value or not, consider that it just holds no therapeutic use and is avoidable with artificial alternative to the plant itself. They also judge that there is no adequate research refutes in the theory, for them to reassess its exclusion for medical use. Opponents consider that marijuana gives enough danger to people, that it must remain against the law, while the followers of legalization combat those arguments with the appearance of more recent research and new discovery that put in danger its present status as a damaging, illegal drug. The third matter in this debate is, how would Marijuana validation affect our nation? Opponents supposed that society would be influenced depressingly and see enlarged offense rate, and drug use amongst other things. Proponents think the reverse of this, using figures and testimony to forecast the optimistic result of legalization. It is found that the American pain management, “give patients with the main quality of medical-grade marijuana at fair prices. As patients, they can you can relax where a group of a professional doctors and caregivers are assisting with the pain relief” (Bergstrom par. 1). As the drug can be a relief, it is the good help a doctor can give to his patients, so they can be taken up in the medical field.

The available fact is that prohibitionists have an obsolete ideology to the matter, and what they consider is also based on fake proof from mediocre scientific studies, or merely the outcome of nation-wide naivety that has overcome them. “The mass of eating is accounted for by “regular” users, who take marijuana frequently. When compared to the drunkards who consumes alcohol” (Gieringer). AS an individual I personally feel the marijuana should be legalized and the opponents can say much to contradict the same. As we develop and progress into the 21st century it is being clearer and clearer that marijuana is the one which is less damaging than alcohol and tobacco. To conclude it is crystal clear that the legalization of marijuana will be many advantages to nation, and that it should be carried forward at the earliest.

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