My Personal Educational Goals Essay

The advantage of acquiring a professional degree and pursuing education from a respected institute will not only help a student to build his career but also groom his overall personality and approach to life. I have always secured good marks in my studies and my parents wanted me to take admission in a University that can help me groom my capabilities and qualities that I have never discovered before. To get a quality education in a reputed University is the dream of every student and this is the basic reason that I want to get an admission in University of Massachusetts Amherst. Last year, when I saw my cousin graduating from UMass Amherst and looking at his groomed personality, I decided to get admission in this University.

My main educational goal is not only getting the desired degree but also to attain high grades, which will help me to get a good designation in a multinational organization. I want to get a bachelors degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management because it is my passion to work in the hospitality industry and its future scope is improving with the passage of time. World travel and Tourism Council survey reveals that 8% people who are doing job are working in the travel and tourism industry and it is expected that this percentage will grow because this industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the world. Different factors affecting tourism such as social, economic, and environmental are very important to consider when making a decision about suitable career that also offers good quality of life.

I feel comfortable and relaxed while selecting this field as my career because there are various opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry and I can surely pursue my career somewhere in hotels, commercial food services, tourist destination, recreation, sports management, and airlines etc. This is a dynamic and huge industry in which different fields are growing rapidly giving ambitious and hard working students chance to enter in this industry and make their name. I like this industry because it is working in a very high competitive environment and to me there is a lot of charm working in such competitive industry. I want to gain rich knowledge and build skills of customer service and strong business foundation that will help me to become a successful professional in the hospitality and tourism industry. I believe that the students who have graduated in the hospitality and tourism management programs enjoy the combined capabilities of business and life skills with the high demand of the employers (Williams).

UMass Amherst is known as the top Universities of US and it is known for its quality education. Since my focus is on my studies and I want to get the degree with high scores, therefore this is the best place for me to achieve my goals. The teachers of this University show keen interest in the students and constant efforts are made by them to improve the capabilities and skills in their education. This is the place from where I would be able to get an entry in the hospitality industry and make my name in this versatile industry.

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