Is the death penalty effective? Essay

Our society today is surrounded with many issues, among those all extremely important issues, one issue that has become very popular and is a reason of tension today in the society is whether the death punishment justified and valid penalty or not. Whenever the death penalty issue is brought into light, both the parties linked with the death punishment present their arguments along with raising their voices. Where for one party prevention is demanded along with justice and punishment, the other party is trying to execute the innocent man or they want murder to be executed as the final decision.

Our society is surrounded by a high rate of crime and everyone is well aware of the fact that something needs to be done in order to avoid this and eliminate this forever. The threat which is associated with this is something which everyone is aware but the main reason of concern is whether the methods and ways to deal with these things are correct or not and whether these things should be dealt together or separately.

Talking particularly about the death penalty, it is applicable to those people who have committed a lot of crimes and a variety of bad deeds in several parts of the world starting from the ancient Babylon to the current situation in America. Death penalty was used in a more liberal manner in Roman Empire along with the churches of the middle ages. Capital punishment which includes the death sentence being legally allowed punishment is something which is efficient along with being acceptable mean of eliminating crime. Talking about the current situation, death punishment is majorly restricted to crimes like murder and other terrible crimes. People have various arguments to present regarding the effectiveness and also morals of such an insensitive sentence.

The existence of Death penalty is considered to be a harsh statement and it was firstly challenged by the Eighth amendment violation according to which cruel and unusual punishments were not to be given specially in US. The reason was associated with punishment being something which is a legal way of being a cause of someone’s sufferings and thus they are cruel and inhuman. It is not something which is unusual though as the history is majorly associated with it. Not giving proper and harsh punishments will give people a chance to take advantage of the leniency and hence commit crimes which are beneficial for them though they are a source of pain and loss for others.

The main purpose of the criminal justice system is basically to safeguard the rights of liberty, property and also life of the citizens. In order to perform this task it is important to make sure that the punishment given to criminals is strict and harsh enough to threaten the potential criminals and so they are aware of the fact that they cannot commit crime that easily in the State. If we see this point of view death penalty is effective and it makes sense. This punishment is something which actually makes the criminal realize how bad his crime was and it eliminates the criminals from repeating it and is a lesson for people.

Murder punishment is majorly decreasing day by day as judge can also choose the option of passing a verdict for life in prison but then the person can get a bail in ten to fifteen years and incase of no parole option the criminal would have to stay in jail for a longer period of time but then the prisoner becomes the responsibility of the state. A criminal or a murderer can be out and become even more dangerous. We cannot trust the thieves and murderers if that the court will let them out in ten years or take care of them for like twenty years and then set them free. The criminals are thus not afraid if such punishments anymore as they know that they will at least not die.

Punishment is basically given out to spread justice and teach a lesson to the people doing bad and making them stay away from such acts. The point is not to give death punishment to everyone but it surely is an effective way of giving punishment and teaching them a lesson along with other potential wrong doers a lesson. Criminals have stopped fearing the court and the judicial system of the country just because death statements are not given; these people know they will get out of the jail. How can a society be free from crimes if the criminals are not scared of killing anyone or stealing anything as the law is something which does not scare them?

Jail or punishment does not scare them anymore. Death is something which scares men as they do not want to die. There are men who are killing other innocent people but they themselves are aware of death. It is extremely important to control such animals. If such people are not sentenced to death they will come out again so they can kill other innocent people. It is not that death punishment is an effective form of punishing people for all the crimes but yes it is something which should be considered and kept in mind as an option so that it can be used against people who do not fear the law and also people who are afraid of death but are constantly breaking the law and are a source of pain and loss for others.

Court is trying to protect the rights of the accused specially their families and also the victims who gets lost during the proceeding of the court. Media is therefore towards those who have lost their loved one where as the accused party is protected by the law and it is also involved with lawyers.

Victims though can receive financial compensations but if death penalty is given to the murderer, the family can at least have this satisfaction that the cruel killer who killed their loved ones will not kill anyone again or anyone else will have to suffer again just like they have suffered. Such reasons make capital punishment an important form of punishment and thus something which is delivered and given out more frequently.

Death penalty is absolutely an effective form of punishment and their effectiveness is dependant majorly on the agreement of the official to use this punishment more liberally and also the government should exert their power in such cases. This can help in eliminating the crimes and also make criminals and citizens realize the importance of the law. This will make people stay away from the crimes and also the potential criminals would think twice before committing a crime as they would know that they would have to die in case they commit such crimes. Moral security can be gained by the citizens. As the Babylonian and also Roman empire used this method to eliminate crime and spread peace instead of going ahead and spending tax dollars which also belong to the society in keeping these prisoners and also guarding them.

People who are cruel and brutal in their actions and also are capable of repeating the brutal acts need to stopped and also a lesson should be taught to them. Death penalty or capital punishment is thus the best and perfect punishment which can be given.

The effectiveness of capital punishment is challenged by giving an argument that the death sentence can in a wrong way execute an innocent man. There is a possibility that maybe innocent man can be sent to prison or even fined but if an innocent person is sentenced to death that will be an extremely un fair act. Just for the threat of punishing an innocent person it is wrong to set free those brutal criminals who can be a source of problem and threat for others. This process can be made efficient by making law for properly investigating along with convicting someone for being involved in the death punishment.

The chances of innocent person being executed are less but the main concern is if the death sentence should be abolished just because there is possibility that an innocent man can be executed. It is important to understand the importance of lives being saved first and also eliminating the repeated murders. It is important to consider the stance of the innocent also the defender. It is not fair to risk the lives of people just because a wrong execution can take place. This practice is also considered to be acceptable as it saves the life of many innocent people and also save lives of many potential victims. There is also an argument that this kind of punishment is causing discrimination. Death penalty should be executed in a way that it is fair for everyone and is not a problem for people. Death penalty should not be bias towards people but should be equal for everyone, poor, rich, black and even white. It is very effective as it is beneficial for the country in realizing the result of the criminals and what they deserve. We should not eliminate capital punishment but court and country should properly execute it and give it to people who deserve it and criminals.


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