Gun Control in USA Essay

Gun control is not considered as a single issue rather it is considered as a root cause of many issues more considerably contributing towards a crime issue and even a rights issue by some people. Moreover, it is also considered as a political, educational, security, and even a racial issue. Gun control leads to focusing on the appropriate use of firearms, that may be used inappropriately and in an improper violating way by others. There are legislations and laws are designed for the use of firearms. Most of the legislation is designed to focus on the reduced use of forearms and protecting the rights of common men and individuals. Responsible citizens are considered to contribute to society’s benefits by using firearms in a correct way.

The Ensuring of Gun Control in USA

For ensuring gun control U.S government and the defense department have chalked out some rules for the possession of firearms. Some of the points included for registered are extracted from the Federal Gun Control Act developed in 1968 in the U.S for possession of firearms are responsible citizens abiding the law, not addicted to drugs and alcohol, possessing U.S citizenship, and must not be dropped out from military services (Moore & Reed, 1995). Not only crime issues but other issues such as hunting whether as a sport or for food purposes, has also reflected the serious issues of gun control legally and politically. Hunting is dangerous for wildlife and the natural environment as well. Even shooting has been a part of Olympic games and the use of pistols, guns, rifles, etc had been a normal activity during sports in Olympic since 1912 (Moore & Reed, 1995).

This paper has extracted content from various papers and stories from different countries such as Australia and its newspaper The Australian, Iran and its newspaper Fars News Agency and the U.S and its newspapers Los Angeles Times. The different viewpoints of the massacre caused by ammunition and weapons and the outlaying gun control laws obtained from these official papers are contrasted and explained next (, 2013

News broke out on Gun Control laws passed out, covered by FNS Tehran said that lawmakers of Connecticut passed strict Laws on the current issue of Gun Control. The legislation was passed at Connecticut House on Thursday after the shooting attack made at Newtown elementary school and the massacre led to the death of 26 people. The gun control law will be brought to action after Governor Dannel Molly signs it and this legislation would make Connecticut the third state that has brought into action such toughest Gun Control Laws. 100 different types of guns are banned with a strict background on past sold weapons. Furthermore, the newspaper posted a Connecticut shot dead incident at elementary school Newtown that took place on the 14th of December. According to this incident, Adam Lanza – a twenty years old man shot 20 children with 6 adults, and soon after killing them, he killed himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

President of Iran Ahmadinejad sent condolences to the U.S President over the shooting incident in Connecticut’s elementary school. He strongly condemned the violent attacks and hit hard the U.S policies and laws on gun control. In addition to accusing the shooting at elementary school incident he also high lightened the recent killing incidents of Colorado cinema creating hassle and harassment across the American public. The president of Iran spoke about the inappropriate and loosely bound laws of gun control that had been provoking killing attacks back in 2007 in Virginia Tech that shot down 32 people (, 2013, April 21).

The Australian newspaper reporting the voice of Australia and the media also reported and published gun control laws, their appropriateness, and suitability. The Australian Newspaper published this very auspicious news when there were massacre and bloodshed reported in the major states of the U.S and invoked the attention to the strong, strict, and controlled gun control laws of Australia in comparison to the U.S. the media took Connecticut’s elementary school attack quite seriously and highlighted a count of 489 gunshot deaths in America followed by the recent attack within 21 days. The U.S reforms and gun control laws were regarded as pathetic as compared to the unbreakable Australian gun control laws. The media spoke of the unidentified obsession of the Americans to possess guns and the ill workable reforms taken by John Howard regarding this grim situation. According to the newspaper, U.S citizens showed the highest percentage of gun ownership across the world. The National Rifle Association has been continuously arguing with the possession of guns at the school whether a good guy or a bad soul. The NRA has been strictly against the possession of firearms even against the politicians that support their possession and bodyguards for their safety. Furthermore, the media has come up aggressively with an issue of no background record and database management showing the exact number of gun ownership citizens. There is no check and balance on the people who are purchasing weapons and the cause of this purchase. The mental health checks are almost zero and even the doctors are reluctant in asking out the patients about possessing firearms (Beattie, 2013).

According to national surveys the people in the U.S are hesitant towards the ownership of slim magazines but the Australian citizens are fully supporting banned policies on using handguns etc. the Australian newspaper also highlighted historic facts about the U.S of possessing guns and supporting the use of firearms as their activities from the past and part of American heritage. This is not true with the Australian background. Moreover, there have been considerable TV shows, magazines, publications, and web portals devoted to firearms in America. The Australian newspaper flashed the serious fights faced by Obama with gun control laws and found him losing the potential of making gun control laws as strong and controlled as the Australian’s (Beattie, 2013).

The U.S newspaper Los Angeles Times also publishes articles on gun control on daily basis sharing the viewpoints sustained by the Americans as per the American journalists, media reporters, analysts, etc. the killing incident of Connecticut’s school has called for questionable gun control laws by the political agendas at Washington. Even the gun shooting attacks at Colorado Cinema and Oregon shopping mall and Wisconsin Temple are viewed critically as the pitfalls of the political calculus and the least accountable gun control laws.

The Los Angeles Times also published an article about the Senate backing out on gun control laws instead of strengthening them it is blocking the investigation on background checks on gun ownerships. The political atmosphere has stressed as there are politicians who are against the stricter gun control laws and the expanding background checks on firearms ownership facing intense difficulty in elections the next year (Los Angeles times).

According to national surveys after the fatal gun shooting attack of Connecticut’s School the people were questioned about gun control laws and 51 percent of the people were inclined towards protecting people from violence caused by gun whereas 37 percent of people were in favor of protecting the rights of using and owning guns in the first place. This poll was conducted by the Los Angeles times from 11th of March to 17th of March’2013. The polls also reported and published results contributed by the California voters who stressed fully on curbing gun violence and supporting fully the expanding background checks on retaining guns and checking on their sales going back to identifying their purchases. Only 6 percent of the people voted against this while 92 percent of people voted in favor of universal checks (, 2013).
According to The Charlotte Observer newspaper, the sheriffs are all around the state checking and revisiting for gun ownership permit records. After serious gunshot attacks, the sheriff Alan Cloninger in Gaston County took serious notice of the Friday attack on an elementary school. The media and press encouraged the responsive movement of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association and checking on the gun permits from the state to state (Henderson & Steele, 2013).

To Sum Up the Gun Control in USA

After going through different viewpoints of the three countries and their official newspapers, the main idea behind every newspaper and media report is condemning the attacks caused by misusing guns and insufficient, loosely held, and inappropriateness of gun control laws. Criminals misuse firearms for fraudulent intentions leading to violation of laws and gun control laws. This has led to massacres and bloodshed evoking tragic results for all the citizens, whether Iranian, Australian, or American. Human lives are living souls that may take different identities in different regions so they must be treated as humans with full life security and protection.

Severe punishment enforced by gun control laws and reforms and imprisonment laws must be enforced to avoid the misuse and unauthorized possession of guns and ammunition. On the other handgun control laws must not be enforced with such a tightly bonded realm where law-abiding and responsible citizens are also punished by restricting them to the use of firearms.


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