Death Penalty in the State of Colorado Essay

This paper aims to discuss the implementation of death penalty in the state of Colorado, United States. It should be noted that death sentence in the state of Colorado is legal. However, it is authorized for certain offences only. The criminal offences that are authorized with death penalty include first-degree murder with at least 1 of 17 aggravating factors, treason and first-degree kidnapping (Palmer, 2013).

As per the statute of US, the execution of death penalty in Colorado is undertaken by lethal injection of chosen drugs into the criminal’s body for immediate death. This is the only way of undertaking death penalty in Colorado. Earlier, there were a number of ways in which the death sentence was being undertaken that included gas chamber etc (Palmer, 2013).

The debate of death penalty is Colorado is not proposing the demolishment but rather consider it as an effective strategy against criminal offences. However, the implementation requires a lot of investigation before the overall decision. Recently, the case of Nathan Dunlap has gained much attention by the media as the legislation has been questioned for its effective decision-making in finding necessary evidence (Palmer, 2013).

In order to make sure that all acute criminal offences are being addressed with proper implementation of death penalty, seventeenth aggravating factors were listed. These included the murderer to be heinous, murderer’s purpose to gain pecuniary benefits, the victim was kept as a hostage, the victim was personnel of governmental institution, the defendant committed treason against the national interest etc. (Palmer, 2013).

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