Death Penalty in Illinois Essay

The issue of capital punishment has been known to be existent since the medieval times. In the olden times the punishment was not seen as something harsh or severe but over time the views have generally changed. Since medieval times most governments have penalized a broad selection of misdeeds by the use of capital punishment and have also used executions to carry out these penalties. However, over time individuals have raised their concerns over the inhumane act and have highlighted the value a human being holds. The practice of capital punishment is on the other hand supported by many who believe that some acts should carry this punishment so as to set a precedent for the coming generation. This essay would revolve around the support of capital punishment by the individuals who believe that it can be beneficial for the whole society.

The Supporters of Capital Punishment hold the view that Bible is a contemporary source of cultural and religious values for most people residing in North America. The Old Testament of the Jews along with the New Testament of Christians speaks in favor of Capital Punishment. Christians who are in support of Capital Punishment give reference to the Old Testament when Noah was called by God and HE said, “Whoever sheds the blood of a human, by a human shall that person’s blood be shed.” This passage is often cited by believers of Capital Punishment. In Bible God created human in his image. Then human did sin, he was forgiven by the God; human again did sin and was pardoned by the God. The process of God’s forgiveness and reinstatement also lessens the effect of death penalty (Capital Punishment in America: A Balanced Examination 2011).

Advocates of Capital Punishment view it as a revenge for awful crimes. Those who support the death sentence declare that it is a uniquely effective punishment that discourages crimes. In Saudi Arabia, for instance the death penalty rate is very high and so the crime rate is very low as compared to other countries. Promoters of Capital Punishment want Governments to execute well and they consider Capital Punishment as an issue of criminal justice policy.

If we take up the case of Michael Perry, he was sentenced to death but his partner in crime, Jason Burkett was found guilty of all three murders of Sandra, her son Adam and his friend Jeremy Richardson but, was only sentenced to a life time prison by a narrow jury vote and will come out in 2041 (The Guardian, 2011). Will he be redeemed when he comes out of prison? Probably not; if advocates in opposition of Capital Punishment believe that he can be reformed and brought back to life. It is not possible because a life in prison makes a person suffocated and frustrated. Again, we can blame our Government and law agencies rather than debate over Capital Punishment. Jails are crowded and prisoners are treated so badly that mostly they either commit suicide or kill other prisoners.

According to, Paul Blomberg’s daughter was kidnapped, raped and then murdered in 2000. Her name was Samantha Maher and she was only 22 by then. Her father gave testimonies in front of the jury trails and even though there were two sentenced hearings for Darrell Payne, seven years from now; nothing has happened to this man up till now. He was given death penalty twice but due to incompetent law enforcement agencies, nothing has been done to him until today. Being a logical person, can one think he can be redeemed and reformed? Not necessarily. Blomberg now beliefs that Idaho system does not really execute criminals which are on the death row. In 1979, the Idaho death penalty was reinstated but even after that three Death Row convicts have been freed and only can have been executed. Out of the 40 people who were sentenced to death have their sentences changed now and are no longer obliged for execution. (Orr 2011)

Many supporters of the capital punishment believe that for every person that is sentenced to deaths, thousands of lives are saved. As Professor John McAdams puts, “If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have allowed the killings of a bunch of innocent victims. I would rather risk the former. This, to me, is not a tough call.” (Marzilli, 2003 p. 20).

Death Penalty is good and serves a definite purpose of lessening crimes as well as bringing justice and tranquility to society. In order to ensure that the penalty serves its purpose the government has to make sure that the sector imposing it is efficient and effective. I believe that the capital punishment should rather be imposed in a strict manner than abolished so that it sets a precedent in the society for the individuals who might think of doing the dreadful crime again.


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